Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VAVAVAVintage - New Collection

I think when we look back on these decades this one will be represented by re-hash, re-work, vintage, old skool. It seems our whole ethos is to take inspiration from the past and try to make it new and fresh. So when on my travels in New York I was thinking...hey why not do a bit of vintage. So I not only have a vintage collection, but I also have pieces that have been re-worked and new pieces made from Vintage patterns.

Most of my stuff is selling on EBAYso check it out by clicking on the EBAY link...or HERE.

Also have a look at my myspace, because if you like anything I prefer to sell direct...that why both of us won't be charged by eBay or paypal for no reason! Eassssy!



Monday, January 14, 2008

Disco Dolly Tshirts

Hey, I did some tshirts today...




Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Traveling Disco Dolly

So my name is Jonathan and I like making clothes and taking photos.

Let me explain the name Disco Dolly:

I was in this bar called Mono...or something similar in Glasgow that used to be open (it was actually great and was so cheap and loads of cool bands played there, it was down Haugh Road I the end of Argyle anyway where all the student accommodation is) and so! it was this really dirty joint, well old...and behind the bar there was this old Victorian Doll with no hair covered in Mirror ball squares. In my drunken stupor I thought to myself, HELL YEAH! that Disco Dolly rocks...