Friday, February 22, 2008

Williamsberg Fashion Weekend! SS 08

Brooklyn Fashion Weekend

It was the REAL fashion event of New York in Williamsburg last weekend at the Secret Project Robot in the Monster Island building on Kent Ave.

My mate Ramon and I went along on the Friday night and managed to catch Mandate of Heaven, Sovereign Beck, King Gurvy.

Here's our review:


Composed almost entirely of recycled vintage, every
last piece in newcomer Carissa Ackerman's line
Mandate of Heaven is one-of-a-kind—think Grace Kelly
meets Roller-girl with hints of Marc Jacobs and Stella
McCartney. ….But don't mistake the Mandate girl for
fluff of any sort. 'By mixing and manipulating the
best elements of our past and present", says Ackerman.
"I want to create the well-lived life of our future.'
" -Blackbook Magazine.

Their show was well put together, the clothes were beautifully made and the collection was very cohesive! We loved it. Have a look for yourself!
Check outMandate of Heaven here!and here!!

You really should.

Here is the highlight of Artur Arbit's men's line, King Gurvy. It was funny and interesting but nothing can google them if you want to find more...

To be honest, I have nothing to say about Sovereign Beck. Don't even bother googling them!


Thanks guys,

Love DD

Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the beginning...

In the beginning there was man...he made tshirts...

In the begining I made rave shit in the style of Katherine Hamnett...


Only I made custom designs. A la...

(My favourite was "SO EN VOGUE KYLIE MINOGUE"!)

Just a wee nit bit for you....This one girl asked me for 3 designs, with Cry Me A River...and two other titles that are Justin Timberlake lyrics...she wore them to his show that night...and got upgraded to front row and got VIP PASSES!

Thats what you get when you come to me baby!

That is my background, I design and print my own tshirts, and I'm thinking so starting up watch this space! At the moment we are based in the New York wonderland, selling the highest quality vintage and making unique boutique clothing for the stylish individual.

I am SOOO bad at writing this actually started in 2006 but the gaps were so large that I've re-done it to all fit into 2008! Apologies in advance!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vintage Galore...More info

Thanks for checking us out...if you have'nt added us as a friend on Myspace it now! We will keep you up to date with the top New York designs, so you are fashionably in the know.

For more info:
Email us:

We have loads of new items in stock for you to get your hands on....

Calvin Klein Pumps,
Givenchy Blazer,
Burberry Trench Coat
Westwood Platforms,
Jones Leather Biker Jacket,
Crocodile Pocket Book,
Oversized Valenti Knitwear,
Lee Red Demin Jacket....

OOOOH and so much more!

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We will keep you posted on new stuff coming in and items going on eBay!

Thanks, MWAH xxx

Saturday, February 2, 2008