Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Model for MEEE!

Ok so I did this photo shoot in my basement apartment in December...the snow was inches thick and starting to fall again and my wonderful friend Jolevette came round in her Snoopy t-shirt and slippers for a chilly fun time. We had a great time with this Disco Ball I found in a janitor's office...who very kindly let me borrow it (for 6 months) and some strobe lights!


Then as Spring was finally hitting the streets of New York my mate Ernest was persuaded to be my model for the mens clothes. Both these people are now in my top friends in Myspace by the by! Anyway, I lugged a MASSAI suitcase all the way from the apartment in Jersey where they were being stored across the Hudson River on the bloody PATH train, then I walked...yes walked them across from 6th to 1st Ave!!! WOAH! A good work out and the photos ended up cool.

I did a photoshoot with him for my Photography call after too which are on my Flickr.

Needlesstosay, I have only JUST gotten around to fixing the photos up...and they will be up shortly. Here is a sneek peek...I like these best! :-D



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