Sunday, October 5, 2008

The mourning of polaroid

A collective tear was wept at the news that Polaroid would stop producing the instant film that made them so popular (who evens owns a digital Polaroid camera?!?).

So before I left the States, I bought up a load of packs of film at Walgreens and B&H...for like $10 for a 10 pack (!) ... BUT the other day when I was 3 pics into my 10 pack I clicked the shutter and...nothing...the battery went flat!

I had two options. Open the pack ruin the film and put a new one in or save it and open it in a protective dark room and use them with my brownie box cam. I desparately tried for the latter, but unfortunately light got in and I had 7 undeveloped exposed slides.

I decided to mess around a wee bit and mashed the emulsion in a bunch to make shapes and pictures. Unfortunately it turned out pretty shit. So I did illustrations on them.

The End. Enjoy.





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