Friday, December 5, 2008

Circus - A step too far?


The fashion industry is a funny thing isn't it. I don't know how trends start really, but it kinna annoys me how something comes up and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I don't really know, either I am subconsciously being manipulated by the media (most likely) to like a certain style, or I have some amazing foresight into the whole trend spotting ting (prob less likely).

So last year I saw this wee clown puppet when I was in Europe. It was Picasso-blue period-esque with a cool ruff and a wee jump suit. Proper clown-age! So I grew a slight obsession with this clown and his clothes and started designing clothes and styling photo shoots based on this circus stuff....


Jump to AW '08 and every chump and his monkey has circus themed things. Britney Spears album 'Circus', Take that album 'The circus', Pink's Album 'Funhouse'. Eh...WIT?!? Why so many!!! And then to topshop...


How does this happen?


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