Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Katy Perry Sucks

I normally don't like saying negative things about people, I just like spreading the love really...but I just read a SPOT ON review of that silly girl Katie Perry's latest album.

"Despite the deceptively 'edgy'title, this albums message is clear: playing a lesbian is ok to get a guy but gender stereotypes are not to be fucked with. - and that means real guys can't possibly be gay. In short, the backlash against feminism now has a soundtrack - and its using effeminate men as its flogging whip.
Two of the most offensive tracks are annoyingly the catchiest, and as such are singles. Case A is a chart topping 'I kissed a girl'. Perry's bar-sexual ode does nothing to validate homosexual experimentation, but is merely an affirmation of her heterosexuality, "just to try it, hope my boyfriend don't mind it". Girls are 'magical' but not fuckable. She kissed a girl and liked it because it gave her man a hard on.
Case B is the emo-bashing 'Ur So Gay'. That's gay as in synonymous with being skinny, wearing eye make up and having a small penis, the remedy for which is to hang yourself with an H&M scarf. The ideal of manly men and girly girls is pushed in a watered down version throughout, negated by tragic puns (see "you're not a man, you're a mannequin"). These antiquated ideals are all set to a backdrop of recycles Kelly Clarkson demos and Avril Lavigne off-cuts. Never mind boycotting mayonnaise, take Katy Perry off your shopping list."

- Bob Henderson

Here is a much better version - Thanks Max!

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