Friday, March 6, 2009

Adidas Originals House Party - by Sid Lee

I’m usually a total cynic when it comes to huge commercial conglomerates trying to reach the young hipsters with advertisments featuring multiple celebrity endorsement or ‘teen’ going-ons such as house partys. BUUUUT…I fucking love the Adidas Ad for the Originals House Party. Even though I don’t really like/even know the people in the ad, it looks like great fun. Kudos to Sid Lee who created the campaign. They worked on the Beatles Love/Cirque de Soleil project too. Good stuff.

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boogie said...

Hi Everyone,

If you like the song for the Adidas Originals House Party, it was made originally by Frankie Valli and it's called Beggin. The song was remix by Pelooski. Other remix versions where also created by Boogie Studio for the web videos.

If anyone wants to hear the proposed remix created for web videos, feel free to check them out at:


Benoit Martel
Boogie Studio