Sunday, March 8, 2009

Love Afair with the Magazine

"My madam tears the magazine,
She doesn’t know the value of it,
It’s useless to her,
But the magazine contains vast knowledge."

- Pushkar Bisht

I love magazines. There can be no lie. I have bookshelves filled with them: I-D / Pop / GQ Style / BUTT / The Face / Nylon / Misbehave / Lula / Plastique / Wonderland / New York Style / Focus / Anthem / Vogue / L'Officiel Hommes / Dazed and Confused....the list goes on (and they are a bitch to move so it is proof of my love).

Some newly aquired titles include Mixte March edition and Encens Raf Simons special, purchased in Colette (see previous blog and Flickr entries) last month.

However, these have not stolen my heart yet. However, two new titles are well on their way to doing so, I present the new titles in my life...

Dot Dot Dot

"Since its conception in 2000 DDD has immatured into a jocuserious fanzine-journal-orphanage based on true stories deeply concerned with art-design-music-language-literature-architecture and uptight optipessimistic stoppy/revelatory ghostwriting by friendly spirits mapping b-sides and out-takes pushing for a resolution in bleak midwinter through late summer with local and general aesthetics wound on an ever tightening coil." - DDD, 2009


Le Journal, Je t'adore!


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